Earlier in the year, we started to see that consumers wanted to cook more at home. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this interest skyrocketed. From sourdough bread starters to canning preserves, whole families have returned to the kitchen. With that, we saw four trends develop that we feel that our many of our exhibiting brands somehow predicted. Here they are:

  1. Some Like It Hot. Some Like It Spicy: As a retailer, you’ll want to stock products that add heat and give dishes a kick.
  2. Master Craft Drinks: Make sure you carry bitters, tonics, and favors that make creating cocktails easy. At home, happy hours have become all the rage!
  3. Make Cooking Fun: Convenience is still important, offer premade mixes and spice blends to make home cooking a cinch.
  4. Assist with Self-Care: Tonics, herbs, and teas have found their place as hot items again, it’s important to have products that promote well being on hand. 

Some of the IGES brands featured in this video are: 

  1. Charleston Tea Plantation 
  2. Pearson’s Ranch Elk & Buffalo Jerky
  3. Moon Pie Direct 
  4. Whole Harmony 

While the pandemic has changed the way we have to operate our businesses, customers are still shopping. They have just changed the way they do it and have changed what they purchase. By carrying products they want to buy from you locally, or products you can ship to them, you can continue to see revenue coming in the door. In the coming weeks, we’ll be talking about this much more!

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